Rubber Pads

Summit Heavy Duty Rubber Pads are engineered to fit most triple grouser steel pads or chains, and consist of a thick rubber pad bonded to a steel core. Some features and benefits of Summit's Rubber Pads include: • Protection of Road Surfaces • Easy Installed/Removed On Site • Reduction in Overall Downtime • Superior Stability in Wet Conditions • Decreased Operator Noise and Vibration Available pad styles include Bolt-On, Clip-On, Chain-On (Roadliner) and Backhoe Stabilizer.. The Bolt-On pads work if your steel pads have pre-drilled holes. The Clip-On pads use clips that wrap around the grouser pad and work with most styles of triple grousers. The Roadliner pads bolt directly to the chain so there is no triple-grouser shoe involved. Summit rubber pads come in many different widths, from 200mm to 900mm. We stock most popular sizes and are ready to ship the same day you complete your order!


When you are ordering replacement rubber tracks for your customer, Summit Supply has a wide variety of track options. Our rubber tracks deliver enhanced traction, a smoother ride and improved durability through the use of our CSC (continuous steel cording) additionally, they are precision-manufactured from a combination of high-quality synthetic and virgin natural rubber, offering superior flexibility and resistance to abrasion and tears. Our goal with every purchase is for your customers to run a more prudent operation while also upgrading the machine operators riding enjoyment.

What is CSC and how does it work?

Imagine a piece of paracord wrapped tightly around a wooden dowel rod – that is what a continuously wound cable system resembles. Much like the snug fit of the paracord around the wooden rod, the steel cable winds continuously around the track, and each cable lays side by side with very little space between them. The most important feature of a continuously wound cable system is its STRENGTH! Continuous Steel Cording is STRONGER than Overlapping (Multiple Cords). The tracks endurance depends on the tensile strength of steel cables. Tracks with multiple cords aka overlapping connections, have several wire strands extruding into a belt. The steel belts are cut to lengths and then overlapped and vulcanized together with rubber. In a track that uses this kind of overlapping connection, the strength of the track will depend upon the strength of the rubber adhesion (the overlapping point) -rather than the cable’s durability and strength. What we have discovered is that most failures occur on tracks that have this overlapping connection because of the adhesion between the overlapped wire belts.

Benefits of Summit Supply Rubber Tracks

In conclusion, here are four reasons why our tracks should be your tracks:

  • • Our Advanced Rubber Compound
    •       • Precision-manufactured from a combination of high-quality synthetic and virgin natural rubber.
    •       • Superior flexibility.
    •       • Resistance to abrasion and tears.

• Our Extensive Selection of Tread Patterns
      • Improved traction
      • Enhanced surface protection
      • Available in non-marketing compound

• Our Hardened, Forged Steel drive links
      • Tempered for unmatched strength and durability
      • Helps ensure correct fitment, reliability, and longevity
      • Reduces vibration in virtually any operating condition

• Our Continuous Steel Cord (CSC) Technology
      • Helically wound to guarantee even strength and weight distribution
      • As an estimated 80% of track
failures occur where multiple cords are bonded together, we eliminate those seams to ensure the entire track circumference maintains its integrity for life
      • Decreased warranty claims