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About Us

About Us - Summit Supply, LLC


For many years, Multi Machine Inc. sold a wide array of used construction equipment. Back in the 2000s, inventory included 70 used mini excavators in stock at all times. Customers would come from many miles away as they knew they would find the machine that they were looking for are the right price from this huge selection. Many customers began to ask if we could find rubber tracks for their excavators. We began to supply our customers with rubber tracks from a few replacement track companies who would sell to us wholesale. The problems began... wrong size, didn’t fit quite right, our suppliers would not honor warranties, etc.


We soon realized that North America needed a track company that sold quality tracks at the right price and had the inventory to supply customers when they needed it! When you need your tracks yesterday, we can get very close to that! Summit Supply LLC was split off of Multi Machine Inc. in 2004 when the SUMMIT brand was formed. Top quality, right fit, longevity, huge inventory, unmatched customer service are some of SUMMIT’S top features. Our factory makes these tracks with the right mix of virgin natural and synthetic rubber for flexibility and durability. Continuous wound steel cords are another top feature of our tracks which makes them the strongest in the industry.


Another key product in the SUMMIT product line is solid tires for skid steers. Complete tire and rim assembly comes ready to bolt right on your machine – come in two widths to fit any skid steer machine - these are excellent for many contractors – NO more flats – built in cushion effect to feel like air tires.


In recent years SUMMIT has added undercarriage parts (sprockets, rollers, and idlers) for many makes and models of machines – also rubber pads that attach to steel tracked machines – many sizes available – again – FROM STOCK!


Early in 2013, Summit started a branch in Seattle WA to get quicker delivery times to customers on the west coast asking for our products. A growing list of customers in the west depends on our Seattle location for all their rubber tracks and undercarriage needs.


Shipping is much more reasonable than many think it will be as we have excellent freight agreements with several carriers. We can reach 21 states with NEXT DAY delivery for $110!! With Texas location coming soon, SUMMIT will be able to delivery to any of the 48 lower states with 1 or 2 day delivery.


Call 888-888-1248 to find out what many happy customers have found out already and why SUMMIT continues to grow.