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Rubber Pads

Bolt-On, Clip-On, & Roadliner pads


Our Summit Rubber Pads for excavators are made to fit most triple grouser steel pads and consist of a thick rubber pad bonded to a steel core. Some characteristics of our high-quality rubber pads are as follows:


• Protection of road surface
• Labor cost savings
• Easy Attaching / Detaching
• Saving in maintenance costs
• Excellent stability on slippery surfaces
• Higher safety when hoisting or digging
• Operating noise reduction


We have a few styles available including, bolt-on, clip-on, or Roadliner pads. The bolt-on pads work if your steel pads have pre-drilled holes. The clip-on pads use clips that wrap around the pad and work with most styles of pads. The Roadliner pads bolt directly to the chain so there is no triple-grouser shoe involved.

Summit rubber pads come in many different widths, from 300mm to 800mm. We have many of the sizes in stock ready to ship the same day you order!


Download our Grouser Dimension Worksheet Here